The Zemenski gordge and the waterfalls of Goritsa

What is included in the Zemenski gordge and the waterfalls of Goritsa trek:

There came the time of year when the levels of rivers are rising and water cascades are getting even more beautiful. Fortunately, this season there was plenty of snow, which is crucial for the flow rate of rivers.

Mountain: Zemenska/Rila

Route: Sofia – Zemen – Polska Skakavitsa – Resilovo – The Goritsa River Gorge – Sofia


Day 1

Overall denivelation – 100 m.

Departure from Sofia on Saturday (8:30 a.m.) from Sportna Sofia (the tennis tables in Borisova Garden).

We travel to the town of Zemen, where we will leave the cars. Then we will do a hike through the beautiful Zemenski Gorge. The gorge is about 20 km long. It has its beginning a little bit after the town of Zemen and finishes at the village of Razhdavitsa near Kyustendil. It has been formed by the Struma River between the Zemenska and Konyavska Mountains. There are plenty of rock formations with curious shapes, impressive rock mountain pinnacles  and wreaths, beautiful waterfalls and abandoned houses.

The rock formation  of Agapie stands out among many others.

There are endemic species like maymunski salep and Austrian sunflower. We will return to Zemen by train.

On the way to Separeva Banya we will see Kadin Bridge, build by the Ottomans in the XV century.

We will spend the night in Separeva Banya.

Duration  7 hours

Day 2

Ascent along the Goritsa River Gorge

Overall dinevilation: 600 m, circular route.

The Goritsa River has its origins in two springs imbedded in the northern slope of the peak of Kabul and for the most part of the year it sources its waters from snowdrifts.

Between the peaks of Venetsa and Golyamata Sivriya, the river turns almost north and flows down a steep slope. Exiting the mountain over the village of Ovchartsi, the river passes through an almost vertical fault and forms seven waterfalls, the last but one of which is 39 m high, at 900 m.

We arrive in Sofia around 7 p.m.

Duration 6.5 hours

Price: 50 EUR  per person.

Price includes guide services.

Travel is shared.

The approximate price for a night is 10 eur and is paid there.

For the trek you will need insurance, dry food and water.

Important: Departure and travel times are approximate and they depend on the pace of the whole group. These also include time for rest.

The guide has the right to change the route upon unexpected circumstances!

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