• Small groups , personal attention !
  • Тhe rural tourism shows the real face of Bulgaria 
  • Best price !
  • Meeting point: Aleksander Nevsky cathedral at 8.00am.

Do you now that the vicinity of Seven Rila lakes is the most mystical place in Bulgaria.

Amazing trek through the circuit of Seven Rila lakes – dream destination not to be missed,  the hard of Rila mount.

Meeting point: Aleksander Nevsky cathedral at 8.30am.


Transfer to Panichishte – from there we will take the cable car to hut “Rilski lakes” (2150м). The path is going between the lakes. Our trekking starts at 1800 altetude and finished at 2500 altetude where is the last lake called The “Tear”. Here are the other names: first is “The Lower Lake”(2100m.) , “The Kidney” , “The Twin” , “The Fish Lake” , “The Eye” , “The Trefoil”. They are glacial lakes.

Every year on August 19, there is a large gathering of the White Brotherhood or Danovites, who congregate to celebrate their New Year.

Panoramic view to – Vitosha, Osogovo and Stara planina mountains.

Optional: Relaxing in the hot springs  with different temperature down in Sapareva banya .

Lunch at the hut “Seven lakes” or lunch pack .


  1. Wаrm clothes (if possible hard-shell or rain jacket)
  2. Water
  3. Sandwich / Chocolates

  • Duration 7hrs. – Trekking 4hrs. ,  Transfer 3hrs.

     Book Here/ 1-day in advance