• Small groups , personal attention !
  • Тhe rural tourism shows the real face of Bulgaria 
  • Best price !
  • Meeting point: Aleksander Nevsky cathedral at 8.00am.

Depart in the morning from  the big city and head to the renovated fortress from the Roman period(3 AD) , called Tsari Mali Grad The first objects founded  around, says that the Thracians has been leaving in the period  (800 B.C.), during the “Iron age”.

Rila monastery (UNESCO)– a place which will bring us to a different century. Тhe guided tour will take 2 hours – This is the biggest monastery in Bulgaria. We will enter the museum of the Rila monastery  where the incredible Rafael‘s cross is displayed. A monk at the Rila Monastery spent 14 years carving this cross out of boxwood.  Both sides of the cross are covered with intricate biblical scenes that include over 600 individual figures.

  • Lunch at the restaurant near by the abbey.
  • Duration 8hrs. Transfer – 4hrs.

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