Orbelus from 4 angles

What is included in Orbelus from 4 angles trek:

Day 1

Vihren Lodge – Sinanitsa Peak (2,515 m) – Sinanitsa Lodge (2,185 m)

Transfer from Sofia to Vihren Lodge (1,970 m)

From the lodge we start our walking trek.

During this first day we will climb the beautiful peak of Sinanitsa.

We spend the night in the lodge.

Duration – 7 hours.

Positive denivelation – 550 metres.

Day 2

Sinanitsa Lodge – Spano Pole Shelter (2,050 m) – Begovitsa Lodge (1,750 m)

We take a panoramic trail through the cirque of Spano Pole. We then go down to Begovitsa Lodge and spend the night there.

Going further down to the forested area, we will marvel at centuries-old spruce and pine trees.

Duration – 6 hours.

Negative denivelation – 450 metres.

Day 3

Begovitsa Lodge – Kamenitsa Peak (2.824 m) – Tevno Ezero Shelter (2,512 m)

During this day we will make a gradual ascent along the Begovitsa River up to the fifth highest peak in Pirin – Kamenitsa. From there we will be able to see the peak of Korab – the highest peak in Macedonia and Albania.

Duration – 7 hours.

Positive denivelation – 1,050 metres.

We spend the night at Tevno Ezero Shelter.

Day 4

Tevno Ezero Shelter – Tipitsite (2,646 m) – Vihren Lodge

The last day of our trek will go along a panoramic ridge.

Inexplicably beautiful views across all of Pirin, the lake cirques of Chaira, Bashliyski, Valyavishki, Tipitski, and Banderishki, as well as the southern part of Rila.

Duration – 6 hours.

Negative denivelation – 450 metres.

Price: 350 EUR  for the whole group.

Price includes – guide services.

Travel is shared.

The approximate price for a night is 8 EUR and is paid when we get there. The lodge provides food.

Important: Departure and travel times are approximate and they depend on the pace of the whole group. These also include time for rest.

The guide has the right to change the route upon unexpected circumstances!

For the trek you will need insurance, dry food and water.

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