Marvellous bridge in the Rhodopes mount

This is the trip to the Marvellous bridge in the Rhodopes mount:

Route: Sofia – Kosovo – Hvoyna – The Marvellous Bridges – The Deaf Stones – Kabata – Chepelare

Day 1

Departure on Friday at 4 p.m.

We will stop by the Asenova Fortress for a while.

In the evening we arrive at the village of Hvoyna. We have dinner and spend the night in Panorama Guest House. We will get the opportunity to taste traditional local dishes like patatnik and rogatnik for breakfast. The host has a talent for music – he plays the accordion and sings. J

Day 2

Orehovo (1,061 m) – The Rocky Bridges Lodge (1,620 m)

Transfer to the village of Orehovo (1,061 m). There are three waterfalls south-west of the village – Duplevo, Skakaloto and Kosten Kamak. We will go through an area, called Tsirikova Cherkva, which contains within itself centuries of history.

One of the most curious points of interest in the Rhodope Mountains is the rock formation of the Marvellous Bridges (1,450 m/3.5 hours). They have formed as a consequence of erosional activity of a once high-water river, the result of which is two marble bridges. They are included in the 100 national tourist sites. We will spend the night in the Rocky Bridges Lodge.

Duration – 6 hours.

Day 3

The Rocky Bridges Lodge (1,620 m) – the Deaf Stones – Chepelare (1,232 m)

The path takes us to the Roman road under the mount of Persenk (2,047 m/3 hours). Along the way we reach a crossroads and the area, called the Deaf Stones. Our descent towards Chepelare will pass through the quarters of Chiflika (1,650 m) and Chamla (abandoned).

Overall activity for the day – 7 hours.

Transfer to Sofia.

Price: 250 EUR  for the whole group(Max. 7 persons).

Price includes guide services.

Travel is shared.

The approximate price for a night is 15 BGN and is paid at the lodge.

For the trek you will need insurance, dry food and water.

Important: Departure and travel times are approximate and they depend on the pace of the whole group. These also include time for rest.

The guide has the right to change the route upon unexpected circumstances!

The trek will be held once a year, because of the fact that the route goes through a national nature reserve!

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