Our customers become our friends!

We are people who love the environment and as such, we want to share this love with you. The founder of the Campfirebg Organisation is Veselin Durgov. He was born on the crossroads between Rila, the Rhodopes, the Sredna Gora, and the Upper Thracian Valley. A mountain guide with certificate N 023372/2015. A member of Wild Rhodopes and Vitosha Sport NGOs. Participates in Mountain Rescue Pazardzhik NGO. Complete courses in guide touring (2016) and alpinism (2006). There is no need for ego-tripping, direct contact with us and nature is the best way to get to know each other in the most natural surroundings.


Campfirebg Organisation aims to create preconditions for reaching and getting to know the beauties of wild nature through an interactive way, establishing the connection with the natural surroundings. The selected treks and routes, as well as the activities around them open doors for different types of tourism: walking and cycling, gastronomic and spa, social and cultural, ethnographic and adventurous.

We would also like to direct people into thinking about sustainable and responsible tourism, with a minimum impact on the environment. Periodically, we will organise eco-friendly causes, which everyone will be free to join, so that we could be aware of problems, concerning our favourite places to relax.

Multi tourism or what types of activities can you find with us?

Travelling with a cause

  • We help the local population. Most areas that we will pass through are at higher altitudes and not so well-developed. What we want to recommend to tourists is buying things from local grannies and grocers, sleeping in guest houses whenever possible, rather than hotels, and last but not least, keeping aware of how important it is to signal about illegal fells, unregulated landfill sites.
  • Environment-friendly causes – cleaning and marking both new and already existing trails, active participation in public debates with environment organisations and representatives of the Ministries, signalling about discrepancies in national and nature parks.


  • Walking, bike and water tourism and climbing. Some of the treks will be connected to observing wild animals in their natural habitat such as the bear and many birds. We will go along ancient roads in search of fortresses, sanctuaries and natural landmarks.
  • More and more people are turning to themselves through different physical and spiritual practices, meditation and yoga. Thanks to our partners form Lilsun Personal Development Centre, Divine Massage Studio, and Ms Ivanova (a yoga instructor), we will periodically launch programmes, labelled as Retreats. This will inevitably introduce diversification and regeneration into participants’ lives.
  • Something new – the Digital Nomad. This is a programme, focused on freelancers and small to medium-sized companies. If you only need a laptop and internet in order to do your job, and at the same time you feel like changing the décor of your office every week and be active at the same time, then this is the right place for you.


“The world is big and I want to see it well before it gets dark!”