Camera on Apple    На фокус!

Studio Microphone on Google Android 9.0  Последвайте линковете по-долу:

Movie Camera on Samsung Experience 9.5   Зимната планина:

  • “Добър ден с БНТ2”: Link

  • “100% Будни” БНТ1: Link

Here are some lovely words from a few people that joined us on previous adventures:

Arend Hamstra (Nederlands):One week was way to short to explore the wilderness of Bulgaria!

Julien Meyer (France):What an amazing experience!
Not only does CampFireBG offers really attractive prices compared to the ripoffs you come accross in Bulgaria, but the guides are so nice, patient and knows a lot about the country, nature and animals.”“Veselin especially will show you the thing you will not see elsewhere, he’s just amazing….
Enjoy the wonderful nature of Bulgaria (remember to pack a camera before it’s worth it!) and go on an adventure with CampFireBG now!

Аdelina Ignatova (Bulgaria):Bulgaria is a wonderful country! The people, the food, the nature! You are sure to find something exciting and new every day! It boasts with so much culture, ancient cities, urban scene and beautiful beaches and mountains. You can either do the 5 star experience or go as wild as you wish somewhere camping on a mountain top! You can explore lakes, rivers, caves, Roman ruins or just sleep under a starry sky in the summer around the fire. The people are ever so friendly and will make sure to make you part of any party or invite you their home to taste some traditional food! This country is so much about the small towns, the natutre and its unexplored places that haven’t been touched by industrialisation! You can relax and let your stresses go away.